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Drake playing basketball

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So that means if you yourself they think you’re everybody else.

GHerb if you from da block you kno this mf

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The night he found out that his dad past away. 

Honestly a powerful picture. Game day and you find out a person you love is gone?

I reblog this every time.

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people: what does macklemore have to say about all this Ferguson stuff???


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Can someone explain to me


How Trayvon Martin can be killed for walking back to his crib for wearing a hoodie, but 200-300 white kids can break into a black Ex- NFL players vacation home and cause $20,000+, and none of them get arrested? On the contrary, the parents of said kids threaten to sue him for posting the pictures that their kids posted on twitter and IG? That is the America we live in. Marinate on that.

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